Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This just in.......E.D. French plates and package from Europe!

Man I sure do love getting home from work these days just so I can run to the mailbox and see what new and exciting package is waiting for me!  Over the last 4-5  days I received 2 new packages from Lew Jaffe.  Package #1 was my first batch of E.D. French bookplates.  And wow, these are way more impressive in person that on the computer monitor.  This man is truly the top dog as far as I am concerned.  Here are the images of my first round of French plates:


Thanks a million Lew!!!

My other package last week was from an eBay action.  Another Kobliha and a Hans Nubner.  Here they are:

That's all the energy I have for right now!  The next update will include 3 American masters!

Have a great day y'all!

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