Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Holy Luftpost Batman! Is that an airmail package from Germany?

Yep, that's right!  A very nice package from Mr. Claus Wittal of  http://www.exlibriscw.de/ in Germany arrived today.  At least 10 or 12 new plates from some top notch European classics like Konupek, Hodek, and Kobliha!  These are all fabulous pieces from the early 1920s or so!  No time to scan and post them all tonight but they will be made available for your viewing please very soon!  Here is one sneak peak though!

Man, what a great day this was!

Oh, and I highly recommend checking out Mr. Wittals' selection.  Lots of great stuff at what I deemed to be fair prices!  Again, his website is http://www.exlibriscw.de/.

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