Monday, January 10, 2011

"Snow Day"

Well, the holidays are behind me, we have moved our business into it's new location, and today we woke up to 1" of ice on the roads.  Schools are closed and so is the office so today is a lazy day to work on getting caught up on my bookplate stuff!  Here is what I would like to get done:

#1- clear off a shelf in the home office for reference books
#2- print cover sheets and spine labels for binders
#3- sort through and file the many bookplates that I have picked up since mid-December
#4- post an update each day this week with images of the many nice plates I now own

If I can get all of that done today then I will be a happy little collector!

Stay tuned for a new update later this afternoon!  In the meantime here are a few goodies to keep you on your toes! 


 I would be remiss if I didn't mention that all of the above items were a generous gift from Mr. Jim Lewis.  Jim is a long-time bookplate collector living in California.  He is someone that I am thankful to count as a friend in this hobby.  He has spent a lot of his time answering my many questions and sharing his knowledge of the hobby.  Thanks so much Jim!